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How Cosmetic Dentistry Is More Than Just a Smile Makeover

Having a crooked smile and gaps in your teeth is far from a fashion statement, so you might be tempted to fix those flaws to get the beautiful smiles you see in the magazines. But have you ever thought about the other reasons to address your smile problems?

Our team of expert dentists at EZ Dental Clinic know how important a beautiful smile is to feel confident, but we also believe that a properly functioning smile is crucial to sustaining your overall health.

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments to address everything from small chips and mild discoloration to major gaps left behind by missing teeth. 

Here’s everything your need to know about cosmetic dentistry and the many ways it can benefit you. 

What’s included in cosmetic dentistry?

Our cosmetic dentistry treatments have two restoration goals: your smile and your dental health. You start with an evaluation with one of our experts. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your mouth before making our recommendation. 

Some of the treatments we recommend most often include:

We can use each of these treatments as standalone solutions to your problems or use a combination of treatments depending on your needs. 

Cosmetic dentistry can enhance the beauty of your smile, but it doesn’t stop there. These cosmetic services also improve the function of your mouth. Take a look at all the ways cosmetic dentistry treatments can help you. 

Supported dental hygiene

Your dental hygiene relies heavily on having a complete set of fully functioning teeth that are properly spaced. Missing or chipped teeth prevent your mouth from working as it should and even makes it hard for you to keep up a regular oral hygiene routine. 

To help your mouth get back to work, we offer veneers and crowns to address chipped and cracked teeth, and bridges and implants to replace missing teeth. 

Boosted self-esteem

Feeling self-conscious about your smile significantly impacts your life. Without a smile that makes you proud, you may not feel like participating in social outings, or you may even shy away from work opportunities. 

But researchers found that addressing those bothersome cosmetic issues had a profound effect. When dental patients underwent a smile makeover, they noticed improved self-esteem and overall quality of life. Smiling also improves other areas of your life by relieving stress and boosting your mood. 

From whitening to restoring, our cosmetic dentistry services give you a smile that helps you to be more outgoing and achieve your goals. 

Improved form and function

Without a full set of teeth, you might start to chew awkwardly on one side, suffer changes to your speech, and even notice changes to your facial muscles. When we restore your smile with our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry treatments, you can be confident every time you speak and chew, knowing that you have a strong smile. 

Strengthened teeth

Different types of dental procedures can strengthen your teeth. Veneers, for instance, are thin porcelain shells that bond to your natural teeth. This bonding creates additional strength and stability, not to mention beauty.

Crowns are another dental procedure that can bolster your teeth. Dental crowns enhance the appearance of a misshapen or stained tooth, but they can also support a weakened tooth and prevent future fractures.

More regular oral hygiene

When your teeth are stained or chipped, it’s tempting to neglect your at-home oral care routine. However, when you see the true potential of your smile, you might feel more inclined to keep up with your at-home routine. 

After a whitening treatment, for example, you may be more likely to floss, use mouthwash, and brush twice a day to keep up with your results.

If you’ve been dreaming of a dazzling and healthier smile, consider a smile makeover. Not only will a smile makeover enhance the appearance of your teeth, but it can also lift your mood, boost your confidence, strengthen your teeth, and make your teeth easier to clean.

When you’re ready to get the life-changing dental treatments you need, request an appointment online or over the phone. 

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