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Are you involved in extracurricular athletic activities or a community sporting league? One of the most important and valuable investments you can make in protective equipment is a custom fitted mouthguard.

Store Bought vs

Professional Mouth Guards

Athletic Mouth Guards Bellevue WA

Although an over-the-counter athletic mouthguard meets basic requirements for soccer or football leagues, it doesn’t protect your smile enough. The loose, “one size” tray is bulky and can easily get knocked loose during a fall or nudge from another player. As such, the secondary trauma — like that second hit or bounce on the ground — can be what causes the worst part of the injury.

A custom mouthguard fits your smile “like a glove,” providing extra protection and a secure fit for the entire game. When you choose a professionally made guard, you can take advantage of:

  • Concussion protection
  • Decreased risk of tooth fractures or busted lips
  • A more comfortable appliance
  • Easier to talk and drink with
  • A secure fit that won’t slip out of place

Adults can keep their mouthguard season after season, but children’s mouths that are still growing will likely need a new appliance each year.

How Do I

Get Started?

Getting a professionally made athletic mouthguard is easy! Just stop by EZ Dental Clinic to have our Bellevue dentist take an impression of your teeth. You can even specify the colors you like, to have your appliance match your jersey. Within a week or two, we’ll have the final appliance ready to pick up.

Store your mouthguard in a case and out of direct heat (such as a parked car) to limit any warping or changes in the fit. Clean it regularly with a denture cleanser and soft toothbrush.

Protect yourself from knocked-out teeth, concussions, and other common athletic injuries by making a call to EZ Dental Clinic today!

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